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“A Movie from Beyoncé” describes a huge tour

They work on different planets and achieve their superstardom in very different ways, but the last Taylor Swift concert movie was just fine. However, “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” is really good. Five months of Beyoncé’s extreme generosity 2023 concert tour For fans who watched the show live and those …

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Mariah Carey and Holiday Singing

Coming from Chicago: The Queen of Christmas, hip hop dance and music raise the roof of the gothic revival at Fourth Presbyterian. The Christmas Queen “Merry Christmas to One and All!” He stands in Chicago with his song. type. The festive extravaganza will feature a variety of holiday tunes from …

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Promising new “The Wiz” sometimes loses its way

Few works have captured the attention of a mainstream black audience, especially the 1975 Broadway musical “The Wiz,” which had music and lyrics by Charlie Smalls (and others) and a book by William F. Brown. “The Wiz” was a success at that year’s Tony Awards and starred Stephanie Mills and, …

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There are few holiday laughs for Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is 62 years old and looks around 39. Whatever he’s doing is working, but the same can’t be said for his latest projects. “Candy Cane Lane” is one of several recent gut-wrenching comedies alongside Murphy’s three-picture deal with Amazon. “You people.” This marks a reunion between Murphy and …

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‘Godzilla Minus One’ brings the creature to Japan

In 1954, just nine years after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese filmmaker Ishirō Honda and special effects designer Eiji Tsuburaya imagined a giant dinosaur-like creature from the depths of the ocean, mutated by nuclear radiation. The “kaiju” named Godzilla. The monster was a metaphor for …

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