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Scottish police dramas “Shetland” and “Crime” on BritBox

The two Scottish police procedurals are premiering new seasons on BritBox, one of the few streaming platforms (along with rival Acorn) to focus almost exclusively on UK TV series. Now in its eighth season, “Shetland” is a proven winner. Adapted from Ann Cleeves’ novels, the visuals create a thematically cohesive …

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Hrůša conducts the Staatskapelle Berlin at the Symphony Center

After stepping down as music director of the Chicago Symphony in 2006, Daniel Barenboim returned to the orchestra only once, as a guest conductor. in 2018. His deteriorating health in recent years led Barenboim to officially resign as general music director of the Staatsoper Berlin earlier this year; Christian Thielemann …

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Rickles and Newharts had a magical friendship

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is Bob Newhart: “Someone called me and said, ‘Look, Don Rickles is calling his best friend… and none of us want to do that.’ ‘Can you do it?’ “And I said, ‘How long will it take?’ I said. They said, ‘One year at most’.” Bob Newhart …

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Bradley Cooper wields the baton as Bernstein

Netflix must be doing something right. But killing the release potential of their own movies before release, right? That’s downright stupid when it comes to “Maestro,” the new movie from director, co-writer, producer and star Bradley Cooper. It opens in theaters this week, but not as you might notice. It …

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Lukas Nelson and POTR promise to throw party in Rosemont

“Alcohallelujah” sounds like the slogan of a brewer’s dreams. Dress that baby in a t-shirt or koozie and reap the sales rewards. For Lukas Nelson, the clever combination of booking weekend events is a breakthrough in the genre of songwriting that country music didn’t invent but certainly perfected: the drinking …

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Season 3 turns into non-stop violence

third season “Slow Horses” initially it’s about files. That’s right, paperwork. Shining! This is not sarcasm. I’m a sucker for paperwork stories. And for this cynic, it feels like the right choice. John Le CarreFlavored spy series set in England. With a ragtag team of MI5’s least talented men – …

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‘A Christmas Carol’ will make you believe that goodness can win

There’s a moment in the Goodman Theatre’s annual production of “A Christmas Carol” when Ebenezer Scrooge’s lonely relative — here, his gender-swapped niece Frida (Dee Dee Batteast) — quotes Charles Dickens’s novella to extol the virtues of Christmas. “A gentle, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time: the only time in the long …

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