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Peter Gabriel and the Moon Festival

This weekend kicks off October with Peter Gabriel’s concert, Lunar Festival Chinatown, Chicago Exposition and more. Little Amal, presented by Walk Productions with Handspring Puppet Company, is in Chicago this weekend. Or not so little – Amal is a 12-foot puppet depicting a 10-year-old Syrian refugee and is currently on …

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Chicago’s groundbreaking Black photojournalists discuss their work

We all look at the world through different lenses, but photojournalists do it more literally every day. Photography brought together four friends, teachers and pioneers at the South Side Community Art Center last Saturday afternoon to talk about their work as Black photojournalists for Chicago’s mainstream newspapers in the 1960s …

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In ‘Mesmerized’, Ben Franklin solves a science mystery

As science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke said: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So, if you’re the king of France in the 1700s and you’ve got a doctor waving a magic wand and claiming to have a cure for whatever ails you, seemingly out of nowhere, who …

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A sexy and topical corporate thriller from Netflix

Young, vigorous and getting richer with each passing second, Emily and Luke work at a hedge fund called One Crest Capital in New York. Their relationship (they live together) violates company policy, but so far so good; their discretion paid off. The hedge fund, dominated by cocky, paranoid brothers, has …

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Peggy Notebaert opens the Nature Museum Sustainability Center

On the count of three, a 7-foot floating globe illuminated as an image of the Earth was projected 360 degrees onto its surface, drawing thunderous applause from attendees at the grand opening of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum’s Sustainability Center on Thursday. Surrounding the imposing, dynamic space is an interactive …

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Hollywood actors will continue negotiations with studios next week

NEW YORK — With Hollywood writers on strike, actors will now have the chance to negotiate their own deals with studios and streaming services. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Radio and Television Artists announced Wednesday night that strike talks with studios will continue on Monday. The guild said large …

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Gardening answers awaited at Ask the Expert in Beverly

Located between the west side of the Beverly Arts Center and its parking lot at 2407 W. 111th Street, Roy Diblik Garden is full of life. Bees and butterflies gather the last bits of pollen from purple coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, pink hydrangea, phlox, purple asters, Russian sage and other late-season …

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