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Ancient statues spark controversy between Greece and England

ATHENS, Greece — Britain and Greece have managed to disagree largely civilly for decades on the world’s most intractable cultural heritage dispute: Where is the right place for some of the most beautiful ancient Greek statues ever made, long on display in London? 200 years, but Greece clearly wants it …

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Legendary Chicago Cubs catcher book

His stats aren’t dazzling: 3,442 hits, 813 hits, 82 home runs, .236 batting average, 381 runs scored in 1,061 games. But baseball is more than cold numbers, and Randy Hundley was more than a catcher for the Chicago Cubs. . It’s not strange to turn to baseball these winter months, …

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Hilarious “Whose Holiday” is the Malört of holiday shows

After spending a drunken hour watching the trailer for Cindy Lou Who, the classic Dr. You’ll never see the Seuss tale the same again. Turns out the Grinch isn’t just a Christmas-hating misanthrope; he is also a caretaker and a useless husband. Cindy, an exhausted 40-year-old who now lives as …

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This is a rehearsal of the built environment under construction

Architecture, in Chicago as everywhere else, is big, heavy and permanent. Think steel skyscrapers, sub-brick flats, and their infrastructural equivalents of asphalt parking lots and concrete highway overpasses. But the fifth edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial is filled with flexible, temporary materials like cardboard tubes, metal scaffolding, polystyrene blocks, …

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Stephen Colbert’s ‘The Late Show’ postponed until next week

First this fall, another round of Covid-19 shut down Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show.” Now the show has been sidelined again as the host gets rid of the explosive addition. The comedian announced on social media Monday that he was recovering from surgery and had deleted appearances scheduled for Tuesday, …

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American Blues Theater opens new home on Lincoln Avenue

In cheering news for Chicago’s struggling theater scene, American Blues Theater opens Tuesday at 5627 N. Lincoln Ave. He will cut the ribbon on his new $7 million home at . As befitting a theater company that has long prided itself on its blue-collar identity, American Blues and theater architect …

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Young Chicago band Slow Pulp is having its moment

This is Slow Pulp’s moment. At the end of September, the Chicago-by-way-of-Wisconsin band released their second album, “Yard.” Brimming with ’90s guitar riffs and catchy melodies, the album is nothing short of an artistic triumph. On the contrary, the album’s short but sharp collection of 10 tracks solidified Slow Pulp …

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