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Dylan Mulvaney, Kai Cenat, and Meghan Trainor honored with streaming awards


Social media phenom Dylan Mulvaney, who faced a transphobic backlash earlier this year after partnering with Bud Light, was hailed at the Streamy Awards Sunday night, which honors social media creators.

Mulvaney won the groundbreaking creative award at a ceremony held at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Emotionally, Mulvaney urged viewers to work hard to become ally of the LGBT community. Mulvaney told the crowd that trans people and social media stars have a lot in common. “People often underestimate us,” she said.

Mulvaney acknowledged the blow they endured after Bud Light withdrew from its promotional partnership with them after Anheuser-Busch was stifled by an organized homophobic complaints campaign. TikTok sensation urged the Streamy crowd to use their reach and influence to promote anti-hate messages.

“If we can convince people to buy $25 smoothies at Erewhon, we can do that too,” Mulvaney said. “I’m going for a beer.”

The 13th Streamy Awards, hosted by YouTube star MatPat, was a lively event overall. Top nominees like AMP, Ryan Trahan, Jay Shetty, Mikayla Nogueira, HasanAbi, and Kai Cenat had clear cheer segments in the ballroom. Some participants brought older kids, from their teens to their twenties, to help them identify the social media stars in the room.

Most acceptance speeches were short and sweet; He was escaping the show business tradition of skimming lists of agents, executives, and advertisers. Many of the winners used a variation of the phrase “I appreciate you”.

But there were moments from the heart. TikTok star Chris Olsen, known for his work with Meghan Trainor, spoke from the heart after receiving the short content award. “Nothing good would have happened in my life if I hadn’t gone to rehab at 19 and been sober,” he said. “Take care of yourself.”

Non-profit organization Invisible People was awarded the Elevate Social Benefit Award for its news on the increase in the chronic homeless population on its YouTube channel. Mark Horvath, founder of the Los Angeles-based organization, told the crowd that he recently celebrated the 28th anniversary of his last day as homeless. He warned that “a perfect storm of homelessness” was still looming in Los Angeles, as housing prices were spiraling out of control. “We need to connect with communities to solve the affordable housing crisis,” Horvath said.

The Broadcaster of the Year award went to Twitch star Kai Cenat, who was accused of fomenting the riot by announcing that he would surprise distribution of PlayStation 5 consoles at New York’s Union Square Washington Square Park on August 4. “This year has been crazy,” said Cenat, adding that his first thanks were to Allah. “God is real. Without God, we cannot be,” he said. “I am very happy.”

The Creator of the Year award was given to YouTuber MrBeast for the fourth time in a row. The name, Jimmy Donaldson, did not attend the event. Link, half of the popular social media duo Rhett and Link, added a meaningful observation after announcing the category winner. “He really needs to come out if you’re going to keep giving him bounties,” Link said of MrBeast.

The daring YouTube series “Challenge Accepted” hosted by Michelle Khane won the Show of the Year award. Khane dismissed the notion that social media content is cheaply and quickly put together. His show documents his courage in facing extraordinary challenges, from training as an astronaut to rehearsing for a Broadway show, learning to be a 911 dispatcher. Khane said that each 15- to 35-minute episode takes about 12 months to produce.

“This is a show that will never be greenlit at any other studio,” Khane told the crowd. As a social media creator, “the only barrier to entry was the upload button.”

Meghan Trainor won the Rolling Stone Voice of the Year award for her catchy hit “Made You Look.” “I wrote this for my postpartum body,” said the Nantucket-born singer-songwriter, who won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2016.

Dick Clark Productions and Tubefilter are producing the Streamy Awards. Owned by Dick Clark Productions Variation home Penske Media Corp.

Here is the full list of Streamy Awards winners:

Brittany Broski awarded by Amelia DimoldenbergKorean Vegan awarded by Korean VeganVivienne Medrano awarded by Brandon Rogers

Creator of the Year: MrBeastShow of the Year: Challenge Accepted • Michelle KhareEditor of the Year: Kai CenatInternational: ibaiShort Form: Chris Olsen

Breakthrough Creator: Dylan Mulvaney Released: FanumCollaboration: MrBeast, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson • Surprised he didn’t always choose rock Creator for Social Good: Invisible PeopleCreator Product: PRIME • Logan Paul x KSICcrossover: Jonas BrothersFirst Person: Ryan Trahan Chats Only: QuackityVariety Publisher: IShowSpeedVTuber: Gawr Gura

Podcast: Scripted Series with Jay Shetty: BRYCE • Brandon Rogers Unscripted Series: Sam and Colby

Animation: HELLUVA BOSS • VivziepopBeauty: Mikayla NogueiraComedy: RDCWorldComment: penguinz0Competitive Actor: TenZDance: Enola BedardFashion and Style: Wisdom KayeCooking: Nick DiGiovanniActress: DreamHealth and Wellness: Dr. JulieChildren’s Family: Msampasha and HabercimScience: MsJulieChildren’s Family: MsampaSalec and Engineering: I did somethingSports: JesserTechnology: Marques Brownlee

Cinematography: Recider – Nicholas AdamsEditor: Yes Theory – Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Tristan KevitchVisual and Special Effects: Zach KingWriter: Leo González

Brand of the Year: Barbie Agency of the Year: Reach AgencyBrand Engagement: Insta360Branded Series: LIVE@4:25 • Totino’s Pizza Rolls x the cheeky boyos, Flighthouse, Content+Branded Video on Mindshare: ASMcaR • Nissan x DonutInfluencer Campaign: Rise to the Top • Gel Blaster x BENlabsSocial Impact Campaign: Play By The Rules • International Committee of the Red Cross x PopShorts


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