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Hard Rock commemorates Michael Jackson’s birthday with ‘Avenger’ on Gary


Darrin Ross of Ross Live Entertainment describes how one of the proudest milestones in his stage production career began this month in Northwest Indiana.

Ross is the man and mind who directed, produced and created “Invincible: A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson” on the Hard Rock Live stage of Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana on August 26.

“I’ve been doing this concert production for 13 years and it’s played in Las Vegas and all over the country, so it’s a long-awaited honor to finally be playing this show at the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana in Michael Jackson’s hometown.” said Ross.

“Our show has been declared the number one Michael Jackson tribute in the world and the only show personally endorsed by the Jackson Family.”

Ross describes stage creation as a multi-sensory experience with stunning lighting and captivating sound paired with projections, costumes, visuals and pyrotechnics for “an exciting production to celebrate the King of Pop.”

The musical revue features three tribute artists, both with a live band and backup dancers, to showcase highlights of Jackson’s musical career and greatest hits such as “Billie Jean”, “Beat It”, “Smooth Criminal”, “Thriller” and more. gives. song sensations.

“With Jeffrey Perez as the identity I call ‘Concert Michael’, I used multiple talents to become this music icon, and Perez is one of the best Michael Jackson vocal impersonators and vocal tribute artists in the world.” Ross said in a phone call earlier this month.

“I have Pete Carter, the dancer for the Michael Jackson dance scenes, and he has been on the show since the first season and he started imitating Michael’s dance numbers when he was 8 years old. I always wanted to work with Michael Jackson before he died, and this commemorative production gave me the audience to see his live performance. It gives you the opportunity to experience what it is like to watch.”

The show also features “Prince” Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., now 26, not to be confused with the real son of the late Jackson. Artist not to be confused with Prince Michael Jackson. The Turteltaub movie “Last Vegas” and its lead actor were carefully selected by Morgan Freeman.

“Invincible: A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson” was choreographed by longtime Michael Jackson choreographer and dancer Lavelle Smith Jr. made by

“I searched the world for people who could emulate the spirit of Michael Jackson, and choreographer Lavelle Smith helped me make my choices,” Ross said.

“Michael Jackson fans are unlike any other. We already have tour dates booked for Australia and fans worldwide are likewise dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s legacy and brand are international, but it all started right here at Gary. ”

Ross said that having its production booked at the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana was a symbolic inspiration for what he describes as “the roots of the show” and “the guitar that changed the world.”

He said that in 1964, 10-year-old Tito Jackson changed the fate of his family after his father, Joe Jackson, was caught playing his 1961 Supro Airline Town and Country guitar for evidence of a broken guitar string.

The head of the Jackson family was a musician in a band called the Falcons and followed a strict family rule that no one should touch his guitar. After Tito played guitar for his father, his brothers joined in singing and the idea for a new family entertainment group was born.

“I love that the real guitar that belonged to Joe Jackson is on display at the new Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana,” said Ross.

“And not only is the giant guitar frame at the front entrance of the casino a replica of the same guitar, there’s also a custom guitar chandelier hanging from the main casino floor to pay homage to the same guitar, including a representation of the broken guitar string that started it all.”

“Avenger: A Glorious Praise to Michael Jackson”

Where: Hard Rock Casino North Indiana, 5400 W. 29th Ave., Gary

When: 19:00 August 26

Cost: $29.50-$39.50

Information: 219-228-2383; hardrockcasinonorthernindiana.com/entertainment

Philip Potempa is a freelance reporter for the Post-Tribune.


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