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Lincoln Park Zoo welcomes new baby Grevy’s zebra

The latest addition to the Lincoln Park Zoo is the endangered Grevy zebra. Adia, 16-year-old Grevy’s zebra, gave birth to her fifth calf, the female colt, on August 21.

The baby zebra was born just over 105 pounds and is expected to reach around 850 pounds in adulthood. The new colt, which has not yet been named, is easily distinguishable by its reddish-brown stripes, which will turn black as they age.

Curator Dan Boehm said in the birth announcement: “Mother and colt are reaching all postpartum milestones and the newborn baby is highly energetic and very active.”

A newborn baby is capable of running for about an hour after birth, but will depend on its mother for the first seven months of its life.

The Zoo noted that Grevy’s zebras are in danger of extinction, with fewer than 2,000 animals living in the wild due to hunting and habitat loss. The birth is part of the Grevy Zebra Species Survival Plan, which zoos are working with on population management.

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