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Mexican band RBD reunites and their Chicago concerts on tour are sold out


In the same way that nearly two decades ago after class many rushed home to watch the Mexican telenovela “Rebelde,” thousands more turned out to see RBD, the then-young band that emerged from that show, in concert once again in Chicago on Friday night .

15 years later, the legendary Mexican Latin pop group reunited and came to Chicago as part of their global tour; this was a dream come true for many Latin millennials and Generation Zs who grew up watching the show but never attended their concerts. For some, the reunion meant pure nostalgia, reliving their teenage years but now being able to sing the same songs as their children.

“They meant a lot to me because I was trying to figure out my life at the time and I finally came out of the closet and started living my life after I became trans, so I really got hooked on being a rebel,” Sammy Martinez said. 41.

More than 60,000 fans joined Martinez for two sold-out concerts at Guaranteed Rate Field on Thursday and Friday, where beloved band members Anahí, Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Christopher von Uckermann and Christian Chávez sang the band’s biggest hits.

Including “Tras de Mí”, “Quédate en Silencio” and “Este Corazón”.

But perhaps “Salvame,” a song about healing and finding purpose, is the song that hits the hardest for fans who grew up watching the show and found comfort in life’s turmoil but are now adults.

Many people cried while singing. Martinez was one of them. He said the song was very important because it reminded him of the emotional healing process.

“This means a lot to me because it’s so true that you can come out of a dark place and things will get better,” Martinez said.

But the song also impressed young fans.

Sitting next to her mother, 14-year-old Analia Topete Jaurer had tears streaming down her cheeks as she sang. Mother and daughter drove two hours from Elkhart, Indiana, for the show. It was a dream to attend the concert of 46-year-old Valentina Jaurer, who passed on her love for RBD to her daughter.

During the band’s peak, Valentina Jaurer had moved from Mexico to the United States and had a daughter, but she said she couldn’t afford to go to a concert because her life was changing so quickly.

“My daughter wasn’t even born when the series aired. I am very happy to share this moment with him because some things will never be the same again,” said Valentina Jaurer.

Many of the fans wore RBD-inspired outfits and exchanged star stickers and bracelets, two accessories that symbolize the “Rebelde” generation.

Many more wore the iconic red ties and flashy hats, miniskirts and tall boots.

“Being here is surreal. When I saw everyone dressed like this, I never thought it would happen and I’m so touched to be here, I’m so excited,” said 22-year-old Isabel Bautista.

A street vendor opened a shop outside the field, selling Anahi’s iconic pink hat, which became popular after she wore it in RBD’s “Salvame” music video. Another was selling the “Rebelde” red tie that was part of the school uniform in the telenovela.

Jose Perez sold over 200 hats while his three kids were inside listening to their favorite band, RBD, on Thursday night. He said he came up with the idea after realizing the band’s comeback would be a special time for many in the city.

Videos of hours of queues to get into the band’s concerts have gone viral since the tour’s inception. Many other fans posted anecdotes about the band’s importance and impact on their lives.

“I don’t think people realize how important this is to us, the Latinos in the country,” Bautista added.

RBD’s last concert in Chicago was at the Allstate Arena in 2008, but before that, one of the band’s first visits was to perform at Hispano Fest, a small food and music festival in Melrose Park just outside Chicago.

“We have a connection to Chicago because it was one of the first U.S. cities we visited as a group,” band member Christian Chavez told the Tribune.

“Thank you for never stopping dreaming,” Dulce María told the crowd as thousands of fans chanted “Rebel” and chanted.



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