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Oğuzhan Koç spoke for the first time about his marriage to Demet Özdemir: I am now a favorite widow

Oguzhan Koc“3 Adams” close friend of the group Artifact Eaterspresented on YouTube by “Lynch@He was a guest on the show. The successful singer and actress spoke for the first time about her marriage, which lasted only 8 months. According to the news of Birsen AltuntaşKoç, Yenenler’s “Sir, you are a widow, is this called? I thought for a while…” comment, he broke his silence on the subject 4 months later and said, “Yes, my widow… I’m a favorite widow”.

Oğuzhan Koç, Eser Yenenler’s “How do you feel, you experienced something. Something has happened. Now you are pursuing your own career. Is there any discomfort you feel inside? I throw a failure or something in itself… I saw you very well. We met in the summer, your energy is very good, but what did this subject create for you?” He answered the question as follows:

oguzhan koc

“There is only one thing. You’re making a plan for your life and when that plan doesn’t work, it’s like this for a while, I made a plan and it didn’t work, it feels like we’ve failed. It comes across…”

“It’s Good That Something Like This Happened To Me”

oguzhan koc

Eser Yenenler’s “Did this make you make new decisions?” He replied, “Of course, since it is an important and serious issue, there are many lessons to be learned from it. I must have taken it. There are also things that I will buy and learn later… There may be more that I will realize later. But they do exist in life. There are some things. You really say, ‘This does not happen to me, my plans are clear’… We all think we are not going to die, but we will. You won’t be too surprised when this happens. We experienced a wonderful thing, everything was wonderful… I am glad we did… It is a good thing that something like this happened to me… Everything is fine, life goes on…”

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