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Özge Özpirinçci returns with the series ‘Scent of the Chest’

Produced by Ay Yapım and directed by Ahmet Katiksız. Family the character of Devin in the series To Serenay Sarikaya snatched Ozge Ozpirincci’The new address has been revealed. According to the news of Birsen AltuntaşÖzpirinçci signed an agreement with O3 Medya, his new project ‘Chest Smell‘ returns to the screens in the new season.

Melis Civelek and Zeynep Gür have been working on for a long time, “Scent of the Crate”, about an ambitious mother-daughter conflict. O3 Medya will undertake the production of “Sandik Kokusu” and Saner Ayar will be the producer. The series, whose preliminary preparations continue, will meet with the audience in the new season.

The beautiful actress Özpirinçci, which was broadcast on BluTV in 2021, directed by Cem Karcı and written by Hakan Bonomo, tells the tides of two young people who met in their mid-20s, and their relationship that was about to end after a 10-year period. First and last in the directory Salih Bademci He shared the lead role with

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