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Pickwick Theater approaches City of Park Ridge in selling alcohol to customers


The next iteration of entertainment at the Pickwick Theater may soon feature live entertainment and movies, as well as alcohol.

Copernicus Foundation, take over operations For the largest space on the Park Ridge landmark, he applied to the city of Park Ridge to sell alcohol to people attending events at the iconic Theater One, also called the main theatre.

News that he will replace longtime owners and operators of the Copernicus organization, Dino Vlahakis and Dave Loomos, came out in July after months of speculation about the theater’s future. Vlahakis and Loomos hold ownership of the building as a whole, while longtime general manager Kathryn Tobias programs the four theaters in the back.

Loomos and Vlahakis said they would stop showing films at Pickwick, and as soon as a lineup of potential heirs to the film operation lined up to speak with the film owners, the possibility of a more established entertainment and hospitality business in the theater emerged. .

When the Copernicus Foundation announced it would take over the pre-theatre, Vlahakis pointed to a more extensive food and beverage program for those attending live and screen performances at the venue.

In a letter to the Park Ridge liquor license review board, Foundation president and Pickwick estate broker Hubert Cioromski laid out the first details of what this program might look like.

The letter states that the aim is to provide bar service to customers during working hours as well as at special events.

“Pickwick will not operate in a way where the sale of alcoholic beverages is its primary business activity,” he says.

As the letter states, any “bottle service” in the area will focus on beer and wine rather than hard liquor, and the planned approach to dining is to rely on neighboring restaurants to serve food at special events.

“We’re not there to compete for the food business,” Cioromski told Pioneer Press. “We’re there to provide great entertainment to the community.”

While the Copernicus Foundation struggles to obtain liquor licenses from the city, it is also considering some changes to the theater building. Cioromski said the building’s basement changing rooms will be reopened, the building’s restrooms will be renovated, and the stage at Theater One will be expanded to accommodate live performing arts.

According to previous reports, the “mega display” will be available at the end of September; however, Pickwick’s original movie screen still stands behind it.

Cioromski said a grand opening for the next part of the theater will likely take place in late autumn.


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