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Significant Sharing from Demet Özdemir


Demet Ozdemir and Oğuzhan Koç’s marriage, which lasted for 8 months, ended in an unhappy ending. While the couple was on vacation after the divorce, Demet Özdemir preferred to take a vacation in Greece.

Özdemir, the star of Adım Farah, who is frequently on the agenda with his new lover DJ Sergio, drew attention with his Aşkım Kapşmak share this time. The player’s post was interpreted as ‘is he sending a message to someone’.

Here is that post:

They made the nation pass on bad people as sick. Good people have destroyed themselves for years trying to understand their every mistake. Do not keep putting cruel and selfish people in a different mood as Narcissists. Many of them are bad, again I say BAD. If a person is really sick, he will make the world a prison for himself, but the wicked will put you in that dungeon and guard his door. Take a look at what you keep in your life just because that’s how it is. They all live the lives they stole from you as if you didn’t exist. Do you want to be strong, get out of that dungeon. at any cost….

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