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Starz’s drama ‘Force’ returns for Season 2 with Joseph Sikora


September 1 will be a big day for Joseph Sikora.

He was actually waiting for Friday. night It’s been a long time since Starz finished filming the final scenes of the second season of “Power Book IV: The Force” at 7:00 pm CT.

These scenes were shot in Chicago, all over Chicago. If you watched Season 1 last yearand millions of you have seen the city in a lively, non-cliche style, which reminded many of the gritty feel of the Dennis Farina-led “Crime Story” series that aired in the mid-1980s.

I was planning to talk to Sikora about this new season. He told me months ago that he was extremely pleased with the result. In her typically generous demeanor, she lauded her co-stars and everyone else involved in the production, from running the lights to those doing the makeup and hair.

But now he stands in solidarity with those there. SAG-AFTRA attack and is not available for interviews to help promote his show.

He did tell me long agoWhen she first started her “Power” relationship in 2014, she said, “We don’t come across pieces like this very often, or even at all. When I first read the script, I really, really wanted it. I knew I could kill this role.

He auditioned for the part five times.

“Even taking this role was like making a dream come true for me,” she said. “I always believed that my dreams would come true. I knew something like this would happen, I believed in my heart.”

He was born in Chicago and grew up in the Norwood and Jefferson Park neighborhoods with his parents, Barbara and Albin, and two brothers, Chris and Albin. He was 11 years old when he first expressed his desire to act, and therefore his mother took him to audition for a role in the Goodman Theater’s production of “A Christmas Carol.”

He told me long ago, “I couldn’t get a part because I couldn’t sing.” “And that started a lifetime of rejection.”

He laughed, but it’s true that every actor’s career has been filled with rejections. Still, Sikora has an enviable career.

His first professional job was playing the lead character in Touchstone Theater’s play “The Little Prince” at Barat College in Lake Forest. He did some work in commercials (one with Michael Jordan), but his focus shifted when he entered Notre Dame Boys’ High School in Niles.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of evil,” he said. “My grandmother died and it shook me.”

This brought him into the world of graffiti writers and some minor problems. But he would eventually graduate from Columbia College with a degree in theater and find work on local stages at Goodman, Lookingglass, and the Shattered Globe, where he would continue to be a member of the troupe. He began looking for work in New York and Los Angeles in 2000 and has appeared in some minor television and film roles.

Maybe you’ve seen him in the films “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Criminal Minds”, “Without a Trace”, “CSI: Miami” and the two-part “Law & Order: SVU” in 2010? How about “Safe” (starring Jason Statham), “Jack Reacher” (with Tom Cruise) or “Shutter Island” (starring Leonardo DiCaprio)?

Joseph Sikora and Isaac Keys are Chicago-based drug lords in the series' second season. "Book of Power IV: Strength," It will premiere on Starz on September 1.

“Shutter Island” director Martin Scorsese cast Sikora in the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire.” And then came “The Force” in 2014.

Longtime friend and trying to legitimize himself as nightclub impresario James “Ghost” St. He took on the role of Tommy, one of New York City’s leading drug dealers, in partnership with Patrick (Omari Hardwick). They operate in a world filled with heart as well as violence.

Also in the cast was rapper-entrepreneur 50 Cent (aka Curtis James Jackson III), one of the series’ creators and executive producers.

It was a big hit. It entered as many as 500,000 households, according to Nielsen ratings. Adding the numbers from Starz’s digital-based streaming service, “Power” averaged 10 million viewers per episode and was the network’s most-watched program during its run. As a result, three spin-offs emerged after its sixth and final season: “Power Book II: Ghost,” focusing on Ghost’s son, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.); “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” which chronicles the backstory of drug lord Kanan Stark (played by Jackson); and “The Power Book IV: The Force.”

In the first season of “Force”, Sikora played Tommy, who revisits his dark past in snow-covered Chicago on his way to the West Side. “In a short time” as i wrote“He messes with some of our local gangsters and, sensing an opportunity, decides to stay, he has a passion for becoming the city’s biggest drug dealer.

I wrote, “It gives a palpable sense of some of Chicago’s nasty streets, accompanied by stunning visuals.” It was nice to see so many local actors involved, including Guy Van Swearingen, who has worked in many stage roles for a long time, was the founding artistic director of A Red Orchid and recently retired after many years as a lieutenant with the Chicago Fire Department.

He told me at the time: “We worked really hard, we were so deeply connected that some other programs weren’t. Collectively, we are more hungry, but in a good way. I have an important role, a character that develops throughout this first season. I believe we can do more.”

I am happy to tell you that Van Swearingen is in season two, and I wish I could tell you more, but the new season was not suitable for pre-watching. I know there will be 10 episodes and the trailer is stunning and interesting.

Some people watched the first episode at a special premiere screening on Tuesday night and then at the West Loop cocktail reception. Joseph’s younger brother, Albin, was there with some of his friends. The star wasn’t there – solidarity or anything – but Joseph Sikora will be watching at his home in Brooklyn with his wife on September 1.



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