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‘Taylor Swift: Eras Tour’ hits theaters Thursday: How can Chicagoans watch?


Will it be the best concert movie ever made? Taylor Swift’s film from her record-breaking Eras Tour, which has wowed fans around the world, will likely break its own records this weekend.

“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” hit theaters for early access showings in the U.S. and Canada on Thursday, and since its anticipated release on Friday, Swift has made the surprise announcement ahead of the film’s world premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. It will open in 90 more countries on Friday.

For fans planning to see a screening in the Chicago area, we’ve put together a list of things to know, including how to score tickets, what’s in the movie, singing and dancing rules, and more.

The Eras Tour is Swift’s ongoing sold-out concert tour across the country and internationally. The album features music from the star’s 10 studio albums (or all “eras”), from pop ballads to country sounds. Thousands flocked to Soldier Field for Swift Three-night stay in Chicago In June.

The concert film, directed by Sam Wrench, was recorded during the first three nights of the six-show run at California’s SoFi Stadium in August. One of the most anticipated parts of Swift’s concerts is the surprise songs. Over the course of three days of filming, he gave nine performances: “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” “You’re on Your Own Child,” “Our Song,” “You’re in Love,” “I Can See You” and “Maroon” — meaning they had a chance at making the movie.

The film is rated PG-13 for “strong language and suggestive material” and has a running time of 2 hours and 48 minutes, about half an hour shorter than the actual concert. Fans know what to expect.

“As our mother Taylor instructed us: dance, exchange friendship bracelets, and get very excited. We’re excited like it’s going to be just another concert,” said Jake Peterson, a 38-year-old Lincoln Park resident and self-proclaimed Swiftie.

It seems like it’s in every local theater. On: tstheerastourfilm.comYou can enter your address to find venues near you.

There will be dozens of shows at premier Chicago destinations like AMC River East, Chicago ShowPlace Icon, Davis Theatre, Regal City North and more, but only on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Currently, AMC, Alamo Drafthouse, and Cinemark have tickets on sale through November 5th. Screenings start at 18.00 on Thursday.

At Classic Cinemas’ 16 theaters, located primarily in the Chicago suburbs, CEO Chris Johnson said they are expecting a “hugely successful weekend” and have already sold nearly 10,000 tickets.

“That’s a huge number,” Johnson said. “Something like $175,000 in sales. “It’s not ‘Avengers’ territory, but it’s a big deal for a movie that’s coming out in mid-October.”

“There is definitely an audience that cannot find tickets to the concert or wants to go to the concert and relive that experience,” Johnson added.

No word yet on a possible release on streaming services.

On: tstheerastourfilm.comor through your local theatre. Most tickets have been available for purchase for weeks, but tickets for the surprise early access screening went on sale at 10 a.m. Thursday.

Tickets cost $19.89 for adults and $13.13 for seniors and children; which is a reference to one of Swift’s albums and the lucky number.

Although opening night tickets are scarce at some locations, Johnson said one of the biggest misconceptions about the film is that tickets are hard to find. Additional showtimes added “Due to unprecedented demand” on Friday and throughout this weekend, Swift says, “look what you really made me do.”

“There are definitely empty seats everywhere because we kept track of the number of ticket sales and added shows as needed,” Johnson said. “Even if you’ve sold all the tickets, there’s still the next show. There are a lot of shows.”

Many theaters will also offer tour-themed popcorn buckets and fountain drink cups as souvenirs.

Friendship bracelets are always with you style. Making and trading handmade friendship bracelets emblazoned with Swift’s quotes while on tour has become a popular pastime, which some plan to bring to theaters. In fact, it is said that NFL player Travis Kelce caught Swift’s attention this way.

Swift himself encouraged With Eras clothing and friendship bracelets, AMC’s website states that cosplay is “strongly encouraged.”

Peterson and his family are coming prepared to watch the movie on Friday. She said her niece wore a sparkly dress and boots to emulate her “Fearless” era and that her costume was “Inspired by the song.”22Along with a list of four venues where Peterson saw the concert in a shiny shirt. He traveled to Mexico City, Las Vegas, Denver and Seattle to watch Swift perform.

According to them, dancing and singing are encouraged throughout the movie at AMC. Web site. They just ask that moviegoers not dance in the seats or obstruct others from watching, walking safely or exiting the auditorium.

Johnson said he has no problem with “people coming out and having a good time” at Classic Cinemas.

The film is expected to reach at least $100 million at the domestic box office, with global sales expected to be even higher. According to AMC, advance ticket sales have already surpassed $100 million, making it the highest-grossing concert film in history; This record was previously held in “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.”

Producer Swift bypassed Hollywood studios and struck a distribution deal directly with AMC Entertainment to bring the film to theaters. He reached a temporary agreement with SAG-AFTRA to shoot the film during the actors’ strike. Beyoncé also made a deal with AMC to distribute her concert documentary, which will be released on December 1.

Eras Tour attracted great attention economic and cultural impact Interest in Swift remains strong across the country, including in Chicago. dance At an awards ceremony or while watching a football match.

For fans like Peterson, the success of the film and tour is no surprise. He said there was no one he would rather spend his money on. Beyond the fun costumes and friendship bracelets, Peterson said she grew up with Swift and feels like she’s one of Swift’s friends who hit the big time. He said the lyrics have been talked about for generations.

“His periods were also my periods,” he said. “My brother, who is in the Marine Corps and has served multiple tours in Iraq, says, ‘This is exactly the person I want my daughter to look up to.’ It’s changing the industry, it’s man.”



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