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Vanilla perfumes are a great choice for winter. These are the best – Chicago Tribune

Vanilla perfume is a perfect winter scent. It can be sensual and sweet, but it can also be intense, so it can penetrate layers of clothing.

Vanilla is a great scent to wear under thick sweaters or coats, but as with all scents, there are many varieties of vanilla perfumes, each with their own blend of notes.

What is winter perfume?

A. winter perfume It can technically be worn all year round, but it’s best when the weather is cold and dull. High body temperatures, most common in the summer months, cause odors to evaporate more quickly. This means that winter perfumes, which generally have warmer, heavier notes, will smell overpowering when worn on a hot summer day or night.

Summer and winter perfume

Summer perfumes are often formulated with light floral and citrus notes. Winter scents are sweeter and can have heavier base notes because they won’t evaporate as quickly. vanilla perfumes They are among the most popular winter scents and are excellent choices for those who do not mind using a heavy but sweet scent.


Perfume consists of a mixture of ingredients that make up the notes, which can be divided into top, middle and base notes.

  • top notes They are the first things you smell when you spray perfume, and you can only smell them for a short time.
  • heart notes These are scents that you can smell approximately 10 to 30 minutes after applying perfume and can last up to several hours.
  • Basic notes This is the most important point to pay attention to when buying winter scents, because these are the notes that last the most and penetrate the layers of clothing.

Vanilla perfume types

As with all scents, not all vanilla perfumes are created equal. It depends on which one you prefer and which one blends best with your natural scent. Vanilla perfume may have a creamy, sweet or spicy undertone. But keep in mind that the best vanilla perfumes to use in winter have distinct woody or spicy notes.

The best vanilla perfumes

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum

This perfume comes in an elegant, stylish bottle and delivers a vibrant aroma that captivates those nearby, thanks to expertly blended notes of silk tree flower, night queen flower and sweet bourbon vanilla. Other prominent notes include tonka bean, sandalwood and orange blossom.

Victoria’s Secret Perfume Mist Collection

This gift set includes four mini spray bottles of popular Victoria’s Secret perfumes, including Love Spell, Pure Seduction, Velvet Petals, and Bare Vanilla, a gourmet-style scent that evokes whipped vanilla and soft cashmere. A perfect variety pack and holiday gift for vanilla perfume lovers.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Extreme Eau de Toilette

This perfume is a customer favorite due to its rich composition and affordable price. The top notes feature a combination of vanilla sugar and heliotrope, and the heart and base notes consist of blended milk and vanilla pod.

Philosophy Fresh Cream Eau de Toilette

This scent is light enough to be used alone or with other Fresh Cream products. Top notes include whipped cream, heart notes include soft buttercream, and base notes include light tonka bean.

Juliette Has a Gun Vanilla Vibe

This fresh floral scent is sensual and emphasized by body warmth. Base notes include sea salt, natural vanilla and sandalwood; This gives it a scent that is not overly sweet but strong enough to attract the attention of those around you.

Lavanila Pure Vanilla Healthy Fragrance

This vanilla scent is perfect for those with sensitive skin who want to smell nice without irritating it. It is gentle and consists of a blend of pleasant notes including pure Madagascar vanilla, creamy tonka bean and gentle valerian for a seductive aroma.

Rock Vanilla 28

This perfume contains a blend of creamy jasmine and rich Madagascar vanilla orchid for an elegant scent with the perfect balance of sweet and warmth. Other prominent notes include tonka absolute and amber wood, with notes of musk, amber, patchouli and brown sugar.

Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk Eau de Parfum

This perfume contains two types of vanilla extract and other high-grade botanicals, including cocoa pod, milk accord, and rich amaryllis for a warm scent. Its base notes include sandalwood, musk and benzoin resin, giving it a smooth wooden base.

7 Erdem Vanilla Woods Eau de Parfum

Those looking for a warm, spicy scent will appreciate the subtle notes in this sweet perfume. It’s made from organic Madagascar vanilla and contains subtle notes of fresh pear, caramel, warm amber and a rose heart note.

Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Eau de Toilette

This fragrance features a powerful blend of dark wood and tobacco for a long-lasting, complex scent that dissolves through varying levels of notes. Infused with top notes of black vanilla and spices for a pleasant masculine aroma.

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