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8-pack from the Golden Globes and a tough night for Jo Koy


I’m quietly—like silently giving up, but stunned—by Sunday’s exercise in embarrassing viewing, occasional legitimate pleasure, and some excellent awards choices, also known as the 81st Golden Globes.

The television broadcast felt like a three-hour COVID symptom, which it is not at all. Forgetful. Blurry. Everyone was thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which no longer exists. Dick Clark Productions took over the Globes last year after NBC dropped the series after its lowest ratings ever. HFPA’s scandalous past sexual harassment with ignore diversification membership list), following an incident in 2021 that led to a series of apologies. Los Angeles Times investigation.

The Golden Globes almost fell into oblivion, and many believe it was meant to be. But still, Hollywood’s perverse love for the show, the hardware, and even the troubles behind it all made it too big to fail. There it wasIt moved to CBS last night, hosted by strategically harmless comedian Jo Koy. And three minutes into the opening monologue, it was like every Irwin Allen disaster movie rolled into one.

1. Jo Koy deserves a break: So, he’s the wrong guy for this to begin with. The super high energy stand-ups were much funnier than The Cove; he couldn’t develop a rhythm with such a distracted, drunken and judgmental crowd. Koy looks like Kevin Hart, but even more: He’s desperate to kill and make himself loved. But here? Six credited authors and 0.006 important punchlines between them. To match his plea for forgiveness and redemption at the Golden Globes, five minutes into the show Koy was also begging for forgiveness in real time through his teeth glistening like Klieg lights. It’s no fun watching a funny flame go out in 150 countries at the same time.

2. Don’t try to be cute with the announcer’s outros, unrelated to Koy: The outro is the bookend to the voice-over intro; This is the part where the unseen announcer goes into the commercial break and says, “Coming next…” It’s completely expedient stuff, and trying to do it intelligently on Sunday was extremely confusing. “Looks like Martin Scorsese can’t sit still!” We hear the camera shows the “Killers of the Flower Moon” director sitting motionless. (Did they write that they hoped you wouldn’t be able to wait when it came out?) Then we were asked more explicitly: “Do I like seeing celebrities adore other celebrities?” Oh no?

3. “Oppenheimer,” meet Oscar: The billion-dollar hit “Oppenheimer” won five awards last night, including best picture (drama category), best director (Christopher Nolan), best actor (Cillian Murphy, lipstick on his nose), best supporting actor (Robert). He left his mark on the Globes. Downey Jr. thanked “Golden Globe journalists” for “changing your game” and delivered the best musical score (Ludwig Göransson reminded us that for many, “best” actually means “most”). “Oppenheimer” looks like the best picture winner of the upcoming Academy Award on March 10.

Ayo Edebi and Jeremy Allen White, acting award winners "Bear," At the 81st Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton on January 7, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California.

4. “Bear”! “The Bear” took top honors for best comedy (despite being at least 51% drama) and “Succession” took top honors for drama (despite being 51% black comedy), along with “Succession,” which was a big winner in the TV categories. “The Bear,” which entered production for its third season after the strikes ended, is that rare entity: a hit TV show that devotees and haters alike describe as “annoying.”

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5. “Poor Things” zooms in on “Barbie”: Here’s a heartening example of two different comedies that remind us that 2023 is actually a very, very good year. I’d be happy for both films to win here: the delicious-looking Yorgos Lanthimos exploration adventure starring Globes winner Emma Stone, or the Greta Gerwig adventure that Mattel is pulling for fun and profit. “Barbie” won the newly created Globes category for “cinematic and box office success” on Sunday. Once upon a time in Hollywood, two major awards were given to feature films at the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929; one an “outstanding film” (“Wings”) and the other a “unique and artistic film” (“Sunrise”). . This second category fell by the wayside a year later.

6. Go Giamatti! Paul Giamatti won for “The Holdovers”; as did lead actress and first-time nominee Da’Vine Joy Randolph, who won literally every supporting actress award. Giamatti’s respect for the educators in his family came straight from the heart. “This is a movie about a teacher. I play a teacher in this movie. My whole family is teachers. It all goes back generations. … We must respect them. They are doing a good thing. This is a tough job. “This goes for teachers.”

7: Go to Gladstone! Lily Gladstone’s sensational best actress win for “Killers of the Flower Moon” marked the Globes’ first Indigenous performance winner, and the crowd welcomed the news with genuine enthusiasm. Speaking in Blackfeet, Gladstone’s address to all the “rez kids” was one of the highlights of the night. As are…

8. Andra Day and Jon Batiste, host MVPs: Same goes for the Globes, the Grammys, the Oscars, the Tonys, the Whats: very stilted, tongue-in-cheek, scripted jokes delivered by two well-dressed people staring at a teleprompter. Then you come across occasional marvels like Andra Day and Jon Batiste, who clearly, easily enjoy each other as they decide the best song and original music categories. Suddenly life at the awards show got good again. Compared to Koy, who sweats, pushes, and births laughter that barely comes, these two were arrows pointing in the direction the show needed to go.

Michael Phillips is a Tribune critic.


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