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911 call, body camera video of Elgin police shooting of suicidal man made public


Video from the body camera worn by an Elgin police officer involved in the incident Shooting of a suicidal man January 13 He was released by the Elgin Police Department.

Although the case is under investigation by the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Task Force, Police Chief Ana Lalley said in the video’s introduction that the police department wants to “provide information and updates regarding this incident whenever possible to meet community expectations for transparency.”

The video has been posted and can be viewed on the Elgin Police Department’s Transparency Center Here. (Warning: Some images may be disturbing and are subject to viewer discretion.)

The video also includes a recorded call to 911 from a woman seeking emergency help for a 29-year-old man who stabbed himself in the neck and chest at a townhouse in the 900 block of Oak Ridge Boulevard. The 911 caller said the knife used to inflict the first wound was taken from him, so he used the pen to injure himself, according to the recorded call.

Officer Fernando Camacho is seen arriving around 1:30 a.m. and trying to calm the blood-covered man, telling him to sit down and wait for medical help as the man repeatedly said, “I want to die.” “I want to die.”

In the video, Camacho is seen grabbing the man’s wrist and the man responds by grabbing the knife and stabbing himself again. He then comes at the officer with the gun, prompting Camacho to shoot him twice.

While the man is on the ground, Camacho picks up the knife, throws it in the trash, handcuffs the man, and radios the ambulance crew to let them know it’s safe to go inside. While waiting for them, the officer tries to stop the blood flow and notifies the police. The man is required to “stay with me” because he is accompanied by a second officer and a supervising officer.

The man survived the shooting and his self-inflicted wounds. No information about his condition has been released.

Lalley says in the video that Camacho was taken to a local hospital for observation and testing, per department policy, and is currently on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the state police investigation. Once the state review is completed and findings are released, an internal department investigation will be conducted, he said.


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