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bet365 bonus code CTNEWS unlocks $1,000 bet cover or $150 bet cover and enters nine states


bet365 bonus code CTHABER is rolling out two different welcome offers for new customers in nine states across the country. When you sign up for an account with this code, you will receive your choice of a $1,000 initial bet insurance offer or a $5 bet and $150 bonus bet promotion.

Since both offers are accessible from the same landing page, you can quickly get started with the module and bonus code below. You will have 30 days from your start date to choose one of the offers.

bet365 operates in nine states (AZ, CO, IA, IN, KY, LA, NJ, OH and VA) and both of these offers are valid to all existing new customers of the qualifying age (see below for details on age restrictions). in a legal situation.

The legal betting age in eight of nine bet365 states is 21 or over. However, according to state regulations in Kentucky, anyone who is 18 or older and located in the Bluegrass State is eligible for both offers.

The following subsections will detail the nuances of both offers, the best potential for each promotion, and important conditions to keep in mind when signing up.

  • First Bet Safety Net: If your first cash bet loses, your full stake on bonus bets will be refunded
  • Bet $5 get $150: Whether you win or lose, bet $5 and get a $150 bonus bet when it works out

bet365 bonus code offer details

Despite the unique bonus code unlocking both promotions, you cannot benefit from either offer. You will need to select your preferred promotion from the bet365 landing page within 30 days of starting your account.

Since both offers are new customer promotions, you will only be eligible if you have not previously signed up for an account with the international betting exchange.

As long as you are located in one of the nine bet365 states (AZ, CO, IA, IN, KY, LA, NJ, OH, VA), you can sign up using this bonus code and the module below. ‘I’m not a resident.

Let’s say you live in Texas but are visiting Arizona for a week and want to leave a negotiation. You can still sign up with your Lone Star state address and place bets while in Arizona and withdraw any potential winnings when you return home.

Both promotions require a minimum cash deposit of $10 to begin. In either case, you will need to deposit cash within seven days before claiming one of the offers. Bonus bets won from any of these promotions are valid for seven days after distribution.

First Bet Safety Net

This is a common offer structure and an easy way to step into the online sports betting market if you’ve never bet before. Essentially, your first bet is on the house. If bonus bets result in a loss, all the cash you deposited will be refunded.

In this case, you are covered for up to $1,000, meaning you have any cash bets of $1,000 or less and will be entitled to recoup the full value if your initial bet goes bad. If you choose to negotiate first, the first leg of the negotiation will be considered for this promotion.

Critically, you won’t win any bonus bets if you make your first cash bet. wins.

For example, if you bet $750 cash on the moneyline of Baylor (+116) against TCU (-140) and the Bears win, you would make a profit of $870.00 and keep your cash stake. Specifically, you do not win any bonus bets.

However, if TCU wins the Monday night game, $750 in bonus bets would be credited to your account within a day or two.

If you deposit $1,200 in cash, you will not be eligible for this promotion and will not earn any bonus bets, regardless of how it turns out.

Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets

Instead of requiring you to lose to win bonus bets, you can collect with this offer no matter how it turns out. Granted, the value is a bit lower, but as long as you bet $5 cash you will be eligible for a $150 bonus bet.

Whatever market you choose to bet on, the offer must settle within 30 days of being requested, so futures are no good here. Additionally, you will need to place your first cash bet on a market with odds of -500 or higher, i.e. (-440 will work, but -750 will not).

If your first cash bet is on a bet, the first leg of your bet will be considered a valid bet. Therefore, this promotion is suitable for betting on the favorite, so you can potentially collect a small profit and win bonus bets.

How to register with Bet365 bonus code?

Since there is only one bonus code for Bet365, you can easily sign up by deploying it with the module above to access the bet365 landing page. From this point you will have 30 days to choose one of the two available promotions.

Regardless of which promotion you claim, you will be required to make a cash deposit of at least $10 at least seven days before selecting an offer.

  1. Use the module below or download the bet365 app. If you’re using desktop, you can also go to bet365.com.
  2. The bonus code should be autofilled when you use the modules in this article, but if you do not enter CTNEWS when prompted
  3. Use relevant personal details (email, date of birth, home address) to register for an account
  4. Deposit at least $10 in cash to register your account
  5. Choose your preferred promotion
  6. Place your first bet in cash


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