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Biden to celebrate UAW support in Detroit, where Arab American anger boils over over Gaza – Chicago Tribune


DETROIT — President Joe Biden will visit Michigan on Thursday to celebrate recent support from the United Auto Workers Union, but his time in the critical battleground state with the nation’s largest concentration of Arab Americans will be overshadowed by growing anger over U.S. support for Israel is in danger of remaining. The war in Gaza.

Biden’s meeting with UAW workers in the Detroit area will come just days after union President Shawn Fain announced his support for the group. Ahead of the president’s visit, Fain highlighted Biden’s ties to the working class, saying: “The UAW knows where we stand and who is on our side – Joe Biden.”

But the Democratic president’s Michigan schedule does not include any meetings with Arab Americans; This adds to growing frustration in the key voting bloc for its all-out support for Israel in its war with Hamas.

“Why not have a meaningful conversation about how to change course with a community of first-hand accounts of what it is like to live in countries where your decision-making has improved?” Abdullah Hammoud, mayor of Dearborn, one of the largest Arab American communities in the country, said:

Michigan has become increasingly Democratic in recent years, with the party controlling all levels of state government for the first time in four decades. Biden is trying to further leverage that power as he seeks re-election and the state’s critical 15 electoral votes.

His visit to Michigan comes ahead of the state’s Feb. 27 primary election. The president faces no serious challenge in the primary, but his campaign is trying to gather energy for a much tougher fight in the fall. Michigan was part of the so-called blue wall of three states, along with Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, that Biden returned to the Democratic branch when he won the White House in 2020.

There are now concerns within the party about rising tensions between Biden and Arab Americans in the state; although Biden has sought to capitalize on his support among union members.

The UAW’s early support was a clear victory for Biden, who came to Michigan last year to stand with striking auto workers. His latest meeting with union members came on the heels of Donald Trump’s visit to Washington on Wednesday with the Teamsters, another of the United States’ most influential unions.

Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., a longtime Biden ally, said Democrats need to take care of multiple Michigan districts to hold on to the state in 2024.


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