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Daily Horoscope for March 15, 2024 – Chicago Tribune


General Daily Analysis for March 15, 2024

Our minds and emotions may not be on the same page throughout the day. Things get intense right away when the Moon in Gemini forms a trine to powerhouse Pluto in Aquarius, but our emotions get even angrier when the Moon disagrees with picky Venus in Pisces at 6:59 a.m. EDT. It will be difficult to set boundaries. The Moon will then sextile Mercury, encouraging us to talk, but the Moon’s final square to Saturn may make things more complicated than we’d like.


21 March – 19 April

A gentle approach wouldn’t hurt. You keep buzzing as the Moon zips through your chatty 3rd house, but you may want to slow things down when it growls at Venus in your dreamy 12th house. A desire for simplicity or ease may emerge and remind you of how beautiful life can be when you’re not constantly in the fast lane. Instead of rushing into anything, let your intuition show you the way forward. Listening to your soul should keep you from going astray.


20 April – 20 May

There are more exciting things than putting your nose to the grindstone. You’re probably in a productive mood as the Moon tours your 2nd House of Income, but when the Moon squares ruler Venus in your 11th House of Social Networks, people will potentially meet you to hang out. It will be hard to ignore the invitations calling you to leave your work behind! If possible, set aside a few tasks to give yourself some time.


21 May – 20 June

You can do your best if you don’t let yourself get too caught up in the overall drama. It’s easy to get wrapped up in personal matters as the Moon tours your 1st House of Self. Remember; When the Moon squares Venus in your 10th House of Reputation, you can climb mountains. Even the slightest effort can make your superior or another VIP very impressed with you. Go ahead, put yourself out there!


21 June – 22 July

You don’t need to know where you’re going on this special day. There’s a dreamlike atmosphere everywhere you look, thanks to the square between the Moon in your mystical 12th house and Venus in your exotic 9th house. Even if you feel a little lost, you can still enjoy your surroundings. Don’t worry too much about making real progress in any area of ​​your life. This is your moment to take things easy and let yourself enjoy the ride.


23 July – 22 August

Grab your raincoat AND sunglasses, Leo, the cosmic weather shifts between relaxed and intense in an instant. The reason for this tilt energy is that the Moon in your friendly 11th house squares Venus in your secretive 8th house, encouraging you to socialize while demanding you keep your cards close to your chest. People can only give you a certain amount if you don’t give in return; so if you want to make meaningful connections, consider lowering your defenses.


23 August – 22 September

People may be more attracted to other obligations. You can focus on your work as the Moon tours your 10th House of Business, but as it progresses the Moon will also square Venus in your partnership sector. Someone you love may come out of nowhere to give you an exciting experience! You’ll probably have to shelve your less urgent obligations for now, but you shouldn’t regret it if you embrace the fun on offer.


23 September – 22 October

With a little planning, you can find equal time for work and play. The Moon in your distant 9th house fills your mind with visions of distant shores, but a square to Venus in your responsible 6th house will require you to complete a few errands before taking off. Luckily, Venus wants you to have fun, so any desk work probably won’t be too tiring or tiring. Check the necessary boxes and then continue as you wish.


23 October – 21 November

You’ll need to come out of your shell if you want to embrace everything that has to offer. Turtles probably seem to have the right idea with the Moon hiding in your 8th House of Privacy, but that comfort is turned upside down when the Moon squares Venus in your cheerful 5th house. This industry loves to be in the spotlight, literally or figuratively, so you may feel caught between two extremes. If you let your guard down and reach out, the rewards will be worth it.


22 November – 21 December

Today you will want everything to be on your own terms, but this is easier said than done. As the moon moves through your relationship sector, other people may come calling, even if the lunar square to Venus in your emotional 4th house leaves you craving the comfort of your preferred creature. If others expect you to fit into their schedule, it can be like pulling teeth. Try to make your sensitive situation understood, otherwise people may think you’re waiting a little too long to get your way.


22 December – 19 January

You have a lot on your plate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. As the Moon transits your talented 6th house, you have enough strength to get things done. Plus, a square to pleasure-loving Venus in your busy 3rd house will add some fun to your chores list. Still, all of this can feel overwhelming; After all, you only have 24 hours in a day. Try to stick to your schedule to avoid confusion.


January 20 – February 18

Be good to yourself! With the Moon in your fun-loving 5th house, it will be difficult to deny yourself a few small pleasures here and there. This desire is further strengthened by the square between the enabling Moon and tolerant Venus in your luxurious 2nd house. It’s perfectly fine to have some fun, but be smart and set yourself a bit of a budget. Don’t throw away money as if it grows on trees, because it definitely doesn’t! Your wallet will appreciate your restraint.


19 February – 20 March

Your emotions will be larger than life. You’re deep in your emotions as the Moon rolls through your sensitive 4th house, but having Venus in your own sign will pull your mind to focus solely on the cheerful side. There’s technically nothing wrong with this, but this alignment can make you a little one-sided in your approach to inner fulfillment. Avoid going overboard with optimism. You don’t have to act like a diva to make yourself happy.


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