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Democratic primary in Kane District 6 features Ford and Garcia


This is one in a series of stories examining contested races in the Aurora area in the March 19 primary election.

The race for the Kane County Board seat from the 6th District in the March 19 Democratic primary will be between incumbent Ron Ford and challenger Sonia Garcia.

There is no one running in the Republican primary in the 6th District. General elections will be held on November 5.

Ford, 64, of Aurora, said he served on the board for about nine years.

He said problems in the region include the local economy, education and tax increases.

“People talk about immigration, but because of taxes, people are afraid of taxes going up and the price of everything going up,” he said.

Education is a concern “in terms of opportunity for kids,” Ford said.

“I talk to a lot of young people and they don’t think there are opportunities to get ahead,” he said. “People don’t have time to go back to school and the other issue is funding. “People cannot quit their jobs and go and get education.”

Ford said his goals if re-elected include ensuring Kane County has an economic development plan, as well as working to get more fiber optic service and develop vacant properties.

“The county has never had a plan, and we are looking at an economic development initiative right now, but I would like to see a plan that we actually implement,” he said. “We’ve put something together, but we need to execute. “Right now our financial situation is stable and we need to find a way to provide relief to taxpayers, and the only way to do that is to bring in other resources.”

Incumbent Ron Ford is entering the March 19 Democratic primary for the 6th District Kane County Board seat. (Courtesy of Ron Ford)

Regarding the internet and fiber optic network, Ford said: “I am working with the city of Aurora to bring fair internet prices to low-income areas, and I would really like to see this implemented.”

He said he’s also concerned about “county-held” properties and how they might be put back on the tax rolls.

“The county has too much property. What are we supposed to do with the property we have?” “How do we take property that the county owns and put it back into the tax base? That’s another issue I want to address,” Ford said.

Garcia, 45, of Aurora, said concerns in the district when he speaks to voters include questions about the role of Kane County Board members, public health issues and programs for seniors.

“As far as board members go, I tell people there are 24 representatives and one is from District 6 and I am the voice that goes there when decisions are being made that will impact the district and all of Kane County,” he said. “This is where my vote comes in.”

I hear people ask, “Where do we go if we need help, or if we don’t have insurance, what does the Kane County Board do about it?” Health and wellness is a topic he asks. said Garcia.

Sonia Garcia is running for the 6th District Kane County Board seat in the March 19 Democratic primary.- Original Credit:
Sonia Garcia is running for the 6th District Kane County Board seat in the March 19 Democratic primary. (Courtesy of Sonia Garcia)

He added that seniors continue to ask questions about what programs are available.

“People also tell me they can’t afford aged care and is there any help or support available to them so people don’t have to be at home all day,” she said.

If elected, the goals include “Where do we stand in Kane County as a whole, where is everything, what’s on the table, and what does everything look like?” he said.

“The goal is to take action, not to have everything on the table,” Garcia said. “Not just debating or ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but what are we doing for the community, my district or all of Kane County?”

Garcia said he is interested in creating more business opportunities and employment, as well as focusing on families.

“A lot of our people want good schools and help police, and I want to have safe communities where people can come to Kane County because we have all the amenities they need and it’s a place to live and there are opportunities. We continue to grow and improve every day,” he said. “I want Kane County to continue to be number one.”

David Sharos is a freelance reporter for The Beacon-News


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