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FBI creates tip line regarding September murder at Hillcrest High School


Six months after 14-year-old Hillcrest High School freshman Marshawn Mitchell was killed in a shooting at his school, the FBI is asking the public to come forward with any information about the case.

Shortly after the end of the Sept. 15 Homecoming football game at Hillcrest High School, students gathered on the school’s front lawn. a dispute arose It results in at least one shot being fired, according to witnesses and law enforcement. However, no arrests were made and little information about the investigation was given to the public.

The FBI announced Tuesday the creation of a digital media tip line where individuals can upload files and information. The tip line requires senders to attach an online file such as a photo, video or pdf statement. It can be sent anonymously.

While the FBI has a variety of ways to assist police departments with investigations, its digital media tip line is particularly valuable in this case because of the ages of the individuals, said special agent Siobhan Johnson of the FBI’s public affairs office.

“In a case like this there will be 100s of young people. We know where young people are going, so go to the phones,” Johnson said. “Where there are those phones, there will be video, especially when people are dressed in their formal attire or maybe excited coming out of a football game.”

In the news release, the FBI refrained from using very specific information about the case. Law enforcement officials said Mitchell may not have been the intended target and that one or more shots were fired, but did not say whether one or more people were involved.

Johnson did not elaborate on the status of the investigation. Mitchell’s family and the Country Club Hills police chief did not respond to requests for comment.



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