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Gal Gadot Reveals Why Cleopatra Movie Has Been Delayed


miracle woman star Gal Gadoteagerly awaited Cleopatra Explain why the movie took so long to make.

Nearly three years after the Cleopatra remake was first announced in October 2020, Gadot finally spoke about the long-running project. show Speaking with the successful actress Gadot, she admitted that adapting the story of the iconic Egyptian queen was a big responsibility and admitted that they worked hard on the script. “This is a big responsibility,” she said. “I don’t want to rush. it is… something that takes a lot of thought and care because she is Cleopatra. Laeta Kalogridis Like, we have some incredible writers working on the script before and after the writer’s strike. nice scenario. “We’re not rushing ourselves because when you’re dealing with such an incredible, iconic, legendary woman, you have to be aware of your responsibility.”

Gadot, who also expressed his vision for the project and was excited to introduce the legendary queen’s groundbreaking legacy to the new generation, announced that the unknown aspects of Cleopatra will be conveyed to the audience. “They know she’s a seductive woman in a relationship with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar, but it’s really much more impressive when you read about Cleopatra, her life and legacy, and the empire she ruled. There is so much you don’t know about him that you will be surprised when you find out. And I am very happy that only I know it now.”

Upcoming Cleopatra movie, executive producer Laeta Kalogridis from a script written by Disney+ miniseries Falcon and the Winter Soldierr’ve Karl Skogland will be managed by Patty Jenkins he was initially in charge of the project, but later decided to quit his directing duties to focus on other projects. In a recent interview, the producer Charles Roven, the studios of the project Paramount Picturestan Universal PicturesHe confirmed that he moved to .


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