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I Don’t Give You To Hands Finale With Episode 9


AKN Film romantic comedy directed by Ali Balcı and written by Şehrazat Tunisia Taşçı, Damla Güçlü and Samed Aslan. I will not give you to handsmade the final.

in the lead roles Emre Bey, Buse Meral, Fatih Al and Filiz Ahmet The love of Mehmet (Bey) and Zeliş (Meral) was tested once again in the final episode of the series, which featured names such as:

Here’s What Happened in the Final Episode of Vermen Seni Ellere

Zeliş has learned the striking facts about Mehmet and has suffered a great destruction. She has been deceived for months by the man she loves, falling in love with a lie. While Zeliş is facing these harsh realities, Mehmet is trying to decide whether to continue his life from where he left off. Yes, he lied to Zeliş, but he feels heavy guilt about it. So much so that he even accepted to be shot by Zeliş, and he thinks he deserves it.

Zelis, without Mehmet; Mehmet is trying to get used to his life without Zeliş, and both of them are having a hard time. But they have no intention of taking a step back. Mehmet’s embarrassment; Zeliş’s anger and disappointment prevent this. However, fate will not delay in weaving its nets again and will bring Zeliş and Mehmet face to face, not side by side. When Zeliş thinks that Mehmet has harmed the person he values ​​most in life, his father, Zeliş’s undying hostility will flare up again. Upon this, Zeliş will want to destroy the new life that Mehmet is trying to establish. There are two options for Mehmet. Either he will watch his life fall to the ground or he will make Zeliş forgive him at the cost of his own destruction.

Emre Bey, Buse Meral, Fatih Al, Filiz Ahmet, as well as the cast of the series; Cihat Tamer, Bülent Alkış, Goncagül Sunar, Bahtiyar Engin, Burak Can, Sina Özer, Şeyma Veçe, İpek Özağan, Kayhan Açıkgöz, Esin Gündoğdu, Meriç Özkaya, Duygu Kum, and Berk Artıran names were included.


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