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Lincolnwood OKs information center after document shows adequate parking – Chicago Tribune


After an hour-long discussion at a Lincolnwood Village Board meeting about whether a proposed community center included adequate parking, Village Attorney Steve Elrod discovered a document showing that the requirements for approval were already in place.

For the village, the Upward Community organization’s 7120 N. Ridgeway Ave. The biggest obstacle to approving the paperwork that would allow it to convert a building at 110000 into a Jewish counseling and community center was the developer’s plan to lease eight parking spaces from the neighboring property in the 7100 block. N. Ridgeway Blvd.

Trustees threatened to block the proposal because a lease would require Lincolnwood to certify that the spaces were permanently available.

At its Feb. 20 meeting, the Village Council unanimously voted to grant six variances and two special use permits to allow the organization to transform the 10,000-square-foot building into a center offering counseling, intervention and other services for children, youth and youth. adults.

Elrod obtained a copy of the proposed “lease” during discussion and announced that the agreement was in fact the “restrictive covenant” the trustees were seeking.

“I just received a copy of the document. This is a restrictive covenant. “I’m not sure why you call it rent,” he said. “That’s what we’re looking for.”

Village President Jesal Patel suggested that Upward Community create a condition in the agreement, a legal restriction on a property, guaranteeing that use of the eight parking spaces would be terminated only upon notification to Lincolnwood officials.

Elrod said the document, signed by the neighboring property owner, was “consistent with what we wanted.”

“This document is valid forever,” he said. “It is recorded with the land.”

Patel also said the agreement gives Lincolnwood the ability to remove special uses and variations if it is void.

“This would alleviate some of the board’s consternation,” he told the developer. “If there is a notice provision, that would alleviate some of the board’s confusion that our staff wouldn’t have to follow up with you to make sure this is still in effect.”

According to the Village Plan Commission Staff Report dated Jan. 10, the board’s vote will allow Upward Community to provide educational support, youth athletics, parenting and education training, social skills development and vocational development at the center.

The property in question is located in a light manufacturing and business zoning district. It is adjacent to residential property on the west side.

After learning of the restrictive covenant, Trustee Chris Martel withdrew his motion to deny the developers’ requests for exclusive use and variances.

Martel had opposed granting the demands without a restrictive covenant guaranteeing the availability of parking.

“I am not in favor of requiring neighboring parking lots to meet these requirements,” he said. “What happens if they fail to meet their annual commitments two years from now? Are we really going to revoke their leave?”

Trustee Craig Klatzco, who opposed the project until the restrictive covenant emerged, said the community center needs parking because it will be used “basically as a medical center” for counseling and therapy six nights a week.

“There’s a huge amount of traffic in a medical center,” Klatzco said. “It will rotate every 15 minutes. There is a lot of traffic at the entrance and exit. “The lack of adequate parking seriously concerns me because that street is completely parked.”

Elrod said the restrictive covenant protects Lincolnwood by guaranteeing that parking spaces will be available even if the neighboring property owner sells the property.

“A restrictive covenant is recorded in the land office,” he explained. “This is not a deed. “This is a restrictive covenant that restricts this property.”


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