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Police say at least 20 vehicles were vandalized in the South Loop


At least 20 vehicles had their windows broken in the South Loop early Friday morning, according to Chicago police.

Police said a witness saw three men get out of a sedan in the 1600 block of South Indiana Avenue around 2 a.m. Police said the men broke the driver’s side windows of 20 to 25 legally parked vehicles. It’s unclear whether the men took any property.

Vehicle owner Hamzeh Natsheh said that the windows of the Ford F-150 truck were not broken, but judging by the marks on the glass, it was understood that someone tried to enter the truck four times. He said he informed the police after he found blood on the window.

He said it was “depressing” to see so much vandalism near his home. She said someone tried to break into one of her vehicles a second time.

“You work hard and think you live in a nice area with the rent we pay. “This is incredible,” he said. “The value of real estate is so high that you live in an area where you cannot even park your car.”

Natsheh also operates Surveillance Triangle Inc. He also owns a security company, and said vandalism is a problem he encounters throughout the city. He said placing a camera inside a car only allows owners to see the theft later and believes minor crimes should be investigated more harshly as a deterrent.

“The big picture is what the city can do for us to make sure we live in a safe city,” he said.

No suspects are in custody and police said the investigation is ongoing.



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