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Redefining healthcare with hypnosis – Chicago Tribune


A major transformation is quietly taking place in healthcare facilities from Illinois to New York, led by an unlikely catalyst: the medical hypnotist. By harnessing the power of the human mind, practitioners develop a robust defense against stress, anxiety, and pain.

famous psychotherapist Dr. Eleanor Laser redefines patient care with its unique medical hypnosis application. She was awarded the prestigious Erika Fromm Award as an influential player in the field of non-pharmacological anesthesia. Dr. He is co-author, with Elvira Lang, of the transformative book “Drug-Free Patient Sedation.” This pioneering work not only won the highly prestigious Arthur Shapiro Award, but also serves as an indispensable resource for a wide range of healthcare professionals.

An experienced medical hypnotist and psychotherapist, Dr. Laser offers a wide range of therapeutic services. He is carving out a place for himself in the industry with his expertise in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and emotional freedom technique (EFT) hypnotherapy.

NLPIt is a psychological approach that involves analyzing the strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to achieve personal goals. It provides Laser with the tools to reshape the patient’s sense of self. EMDR, a psychotherapy treatment designed to relieve distress associated with traumatic memories, serves as a powerful adjunctive therapy that is especially useful for patients struggling with anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. EFT, or the psychological acupuncture technique, helps people overcome a variety of problems such as pain, addiction and anxiety. Hypnosis can contribute to a comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plan.

Dr. At the core of Laser’s approach lies a profound insight: “Your interpretation of life depends on your perception, whether of calm waters or turbulent waves. This is the importance you give to yourself.

Memories that shape this perception. What matters is not the events in your life, but how you see them. Your perspective determines your perspective on the world.” It’s not the events that matter, but your interpretation of them. Early memories from 8 years ago play a very important role in this. Dr. Alfred Adler emphasized the importance of these early memories in shaping perception.

In other words, we choose to remember from all the experiences we have in our lives.

some things. Memories reflect our perceptions and are unique. Dr. “You and I may have a similar experience but have completely different views of what happened,” Laser explains. “Then we create situations that reinforce our perception and repeat them until they become real. It can affect our lives positively or negatively. “If it’s the latter, changing our perspective on a memory may give us a chance to heal.”

Growing up, Pat felt completely invisible, even in crowded rooms. The childhood memory stands as a poignant symbol of this isolation; When she walked into her house on a snowy day when she was 5 years old, she realized that no one noticed she was there. As a result of this formative experience, she developed a physical condition that caused seizures and served as internal companions that attracted attention to her, a disorder that symbolized her deep sense of insignificance.

As in Pat’s case, conventional treatments did not ease her pain. That’s when Dr., a respected expert in medical hypnotherapy. Laser came into play. Realizing Pat’s financial difficulties due to being unemployed, he offered his services pro bono. This inadvertently helped Pat feel cared for, and he has been seizure-free for 35 years.

Pat’s seizures Dr. Using hypnotherapy, laser was meticulously uncovered and traumatic memories were explored in the subconscious. Pat’s therapy went beyond symptom relief; It addressed basic emotions such as loneliness and invisibility. Pat’s seizures and drug addiction Dr. These feelings were eliminated by Laser by directly confronting them. The result was nothing short of transformative.

Smith, MD, RN, Central Illinois Endoscopy Center, a former seminar attendee. He had nothing but the highest praise for Laser’s skill, confirming: “Eleanor is a great speaker and I gained tons of new ideas to use in our Center.” Today its headquarters and staff are Dr. of laser hypnosis techniquesHe uses them to help patients relieve fear and anxiety during procedures such as colonoscopy, interventional radiology, and surgical procedures.

Dr. A testament to Laser’s empathetic guidance and a celebration of the mind’s power to transform health narratives. Dr. With Laser’s skill and vision, we are observing a subtle revolution in patient care in this evolving era of medical hypnosis. We believe that our complex mind holds the keys to our well-being. The power of perception is shaping a patient-centered healthcare paradigm. This new dawn, Dr. It is illuminated by the work of Laser.

Experience Dr. Laser Teachings at the Central Illinois Endoscopy Center under the direction of Karen Smith, RN Director.

Chicago Tribune news and editorial staff had no role in the preparation of this article.


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