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Striking writers and studios will meet this week to discuss the resumption of negotiations

LOS ANGELES — Union leaders told the striking Hollywood writers Tuesday night that they plan to meet with representatives of the studios to discuss the resumption of negotiations after the first official communication between the two sides since the strike began three months ago.

The Writers Guild of America emailed members that the head of the Motion Picture and Television Producers Guild, which represents major studios, streaming services and production companies in negotiations, requested a meeting on Friday to discuss the resumption of contract negotiations.

The email read, “We’ll be in touch with you again for more information sometime after the meeting.” “As we’ve said before, beware of rumours. When you have important news to share, you’ll hear it directly from us.”

It is not yet known whether a similar offer has been made to union leaders for Hollywood actors who have been on strike since July 14.

When asked about the possibility of meeting with both guilds in an email, the AMPTP spokesperson simply said, “We are determined to find a way to mutually beneficial agreements with both Leagues.”

An email sent to a representative of the Screen Actors Guild-Federation of American Television and Radio Artists, which represents outstanding film and television actors, was not immediately returned.

Talks between the screenwriters and their employers collapsed on May 1, and the first of two strikes in Hollywood that froze production began a day later. Problems behind the strike include pay rates amid inflation, the use of smaller writers for shorter seasons of television shows, and control over artificial intelligence in the scriptwriting process.

“By now I had hoped we would have already had some sort of conversations with the industry,” SAG-AFTRA Executive Director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland told the Associated Press before the email was sent to the authors on Tuesday. “Of course that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m optimistic.”

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