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Teatro ZinZanni reopens its dinner circus show with elegance and style


The title of Teatro ZinZanni’s latest release in Chicago couldn’t be more apt: “Love, Chaos and Dinner.” Cabaret in circus show mirror tent inside old masonic hall The concert on Randolph Street was always performed with great love. Program and name changes have been a bit chaotic. But there has always been a good dinner.

Teatro ZinZanni, a Seattle-based boutique circus company, reopened its Midwestern outpost this fall after a one-year hiatus. During this time the show did not actually close, its name was changed to Cabaret ZaZou to reflect the desire of the show’s Chicago-based producers to produce the show alone, albeit with the help of Frank Ferrante. worked before For ZinZanni Theatre. As I wrote last yearCabaret ZaZou kept one foot in the circus discipline but aimed for a more sultry atmosphere; It is best described as a Chicago-style cabaret, still with one foot in the circus disciplines but more grounded in music, old-school variety and an urban supper club. Gestalt.

And now? This latest show isn’t too different from ZaZou, except the show is a bit smaller and now only runs Thursday through Sunday. The new host is Carisa Hendrix, a magician-comedian with a vampire-like alter ego. Known as Lucy Darling. The two have carved out a pretty unique niche in Chicago after multiple shows at the Chicago Magic Lounge and Rhapsody Theatre. Darling also hosted “A Magical Circus Christmas” at the CIBC Theater last year; This is not a show I hope to see return.

This time, however, the talented Hendrix is ​​more at ease and is as charming and funny as ever, which will especially delight those who have yet to see his carefully realized character in action. He’s a master at audience interaction, always a signature of this show, and since making to-go cocktails is a key part of his show, it adds to the supper club feel.

New vocalist Sa’Rayah and her voice are amazing, especially since the five-piece band is still in place, as is acrobat Ulzii Mergen from last year. Longtime basketball juggler Michael Evolution is also back, as is hair suspension expert Danila Bim, whom I first saw in a Cirque du Soleil show. Impressive hoop game Duo 19, Seen in 2021 version After this show, we returned to the tents.

Aviator Lea Hinz in Teatro ZinZanni's dinner circus show at the Cambria Hotel in Chicago, reopening in fall 2023.

As you can see, this is a mix and match experience as I see it. several times until now.

I think the survival of this show, one of the first shows to return after COVID, was very beneficial to the Loop’s still-struggling tourism business, and despite this show’s corrective form, people around me were still having a good, relaxed time. The players here have long been dedicated to their customers in the seats, every single one of them.

I can’t say most people liked the salad dressing, but otherwise dinner was delicious.

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Chris Jones is a Tribune critic.


Review: “Love, Chaos and Dinner” by Teatro ZinZanni (3 stars)

When: Turn on run

Where: Cambria Hotel, 32 W. Randolph St.

Working time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Tickets: $119-$199 (including dinner) zinzanni.com


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