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The wind of love blows in Ya You Love Too Much


Ay Yapım is the producer of Kanal D, which tells the story of the crossing of the paths of Ateş, who did not return to his family home from the boarding school to which he was sent at a young age after his mother died, and spent his life abroad on his own feet, and Leyla, who did not trust anyone and never knew her real family, and earned money by deceiving people. starring in the Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktutanseries bringing together What if you love too muchThe wind of love will blow this week in . The series, which comes to the screen with its new episode every Thursday evening, is experiencing romantic moments between the two as Ateş talks about his feelings to Leyla in the new promotion published.

In this week’s 6th episode of Ay Yapım’s Ya Çok Seversen, which is appreciated both in Turkey and in the world with every episode, the audience will be surrounded by the wind of love. There are romantic moments between Ateş and Leyla, who spend time together in the promotion published in the new episode. The question of what will happen between the two, who go out to dinner alone, and whether Leyla will choose her heart or her plan, will find the answer in the new episode.

Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktutan starred in the cast of “Ya Çok Seversen”, the script of which was co-written by Erdi Işık, Karden Kasaplar, Senem Birlik and directed by Ali Bilgin. Hatice Aslan, Şerif Erol, Cemre Ebüzziya, Nazmi Kırık, Aziz Caner İnan, Mine Kılıç, Oğulcan Arman Uslu, Durukan Çelikkaya, Lara Pera Aslan, Özgün Akaçca, And Your Name Ingot completes the rest of the cast.

You can watch the newly released trailer below:

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