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Top 5 tips for drying hair the right way – Chicago Tribune


Blow drying can be a great way to dry your hair faster, make it easier to style it into your desired style, prevent tangles, and add volume.

However, not using proper blow-drying techniques can cause your hair to become dry and frizzy, cause itchy scalp, and in the worst-case scenario, damage your hair.

Here’s how you should blow dry your hair:

1. Blow dry from a safe distance

When you blow dry from a safe distance, you can effectively reduce the effect of damage caused by excessive heat. Additionally, you can prevent skin damage to adjacent areas and even hearing loss from holding your hair dryer too close to the ear.

A few inches away from your hair is fine, just 1-2 inches a little too close. However, this also depends on the make/model of your dryer.

2. Apply heat protectant

Use heat protectant; Both spray and lotion are good.

Heat protectants work similarly to sunscreen; It creates a barrier between the heat source and your hair follicles, minimizing the effect of excessive heat and the resulting damage.

You can also use leave-in treatments after your blow-dry session, as they strengthen your hair and offer an additional layer of protection.

3. Try the lowest heat setting first

Different heat settings are available for different results. In any case, it is always a good idea to start from the lowest setting to achieve the desired result.

If you think the setting is too low, increase it one step.

4. Always dry small sections with a blow dryer

Blow-drying your entire hair at once is a recipe for disaster. This causes the hair to become knotted, making it difficult and even painful to untangle the knots.

Make your job easier; Section your hair (use hair clips if necessary) and dry them with a blow dryer, one by one.

This will reduce tangling and tagging, both of which can ultimately lead to hair loss.

5. Use your favorite hairspray to protect your hairstyle

Some women re-blow dry it frequently, but this is generally not recommended. Use a reliable hairspray; You will be able to maintain the style you want for much longer and reduce the frequency of re-blow drying.

Conclusion: Can a blow dryer damage my hair?

Only if you do it wrong. On the contrary, blow drying is not bad for your hair at all, as long as you follow the tips above and invest in a quality hair dryer. Laifen Hair Dryer.

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For example, using a high heat setting from the start and keeping the blow dryer very close to your scalp is a surefire way to prevent damage to your hair.

But if you follow the right techniques, like those highlighted above, you can reduce the time you spend blow-drying your hair.

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Image provided by Ascend Agency


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