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What’s in the Senate’s $95 billion bill to aid Ukraine and Israel?


WASHINGTON — The Senate is moving toward a final vote on an emergency spending package that would provide military aid to Ukraine and Israel; Renew US weapons systems; We provide food, water and other humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.

The Senate unpacked a bipartisan effort to increase immigration enforcement at the U.S.-Mexico border after most Republican senators, following former President Donald Trump’s lead, thought the bipartisan proposal was inadequate. Abandoning the cap proposal reduced the bill’s price tag to about $95.3 billion.

If the Senate passes the emergency spending package next week, it will be up to the Republican-led House to pick up the package, amend it or let it die.

Let’s take a closer look at the spending breakdown:


Approximately $60 billion of the bill will be used to support Ukraine, which is defending itself against the Russian invasion that began nearly two years ago. There is about $14 billion to allow Ukraine to rearm itself by purchasing weapons and ammunition, and about $15 billion for support services such as military training and intelligence sharing.

This support also includes non-military assistance. About $8 billion will be used to help the Ukrainian government maintain basic operations, with money going to pensions barred. And there is about $1.6 billion to help Ukraine’s private sector.

Approximately one-third of the money allocated to support Ukraine will be spent on resupplying the US military with weapons and equipment destined for Ukraine. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has repeatedly emphasized that point, saying Friday that this money is about “rebuilding the arsenal of democracy and showing our allies and adversaries that we are serious about using American power.”

There is also about $480 million to help Ukrainians displaced by the war.


Approximately $14.1 billion of the bill will be used to support Israeli and US military operations in the region. About $4 billion will go to strengthening Israel’s air defenses, and $1.2 billion will go to Iron Beam, a laser weapon system designed to intercept and destroy missiles. There is also approximately $2.5 billion to support US military operations in the region.

Israel launched its war against Hamas following the militant group’s unprecedented attack in Israel on October 7 that killed nearly 1,200 people, mostly civilians. Approximately 250 people were taken hostage.

The legislation also includes $9.2 billion in humanitarian aid to provide food, water, shelter and medical care to Gaza, the West Bank, Ukraine and other civilians captured in war zones around the world. The war in Gaza has led to a humanitarian disaster that leaves the most basic needs unmet. A quarter of the people of Gaza are dying of hunger.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., said Friday that he consulted with leaders of international humanitarian organizations that have operated in conflict zones around the world for decades.

“Each of them testified that their organizations had never experienced a humanitarian disaster as grave and horrific as what the world witnessed in Gaza,” Van Hollen said.


More than $8 billion of the bill would go to supporting key partners in the Indo-Pacific and deterring Chinese government aggression. The bill includes about $1.9 billion to replace U.S. weapons supplied to Taiwan and about $3.3 billion to build more U.S.-made submarines to bolster security partnerships with Australia and the United Kingdom.


The bill includes nearly $400 million for a grant program to help nonprofits and houses of worship make security improvements and protect them from hate crimes. There is also language targeting sanctions against criminal organizations involved in fentanyl production.


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