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When will the Chicago Bears potentially trade a QB?


INDIANAPOLIS — Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles didn’t offer any big quarterback plans as the NFL scouting team gets underway Tuesday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Bears are still in information-gathering mode amid a busy weeklong schedule full of potential talks and trade offers from other teams; possibly both the No. 1 draft pick and trade offers to other teams. quarterback Justin Fields.

But Poles understand the NFL world’s expectation of his decision. Asked at the annual joint press conference when he wanted to schedule a quarterback, Poles joked, “Tomorrow.”

“No, I would love to find out as soon as possible,” he said. “I would love to know, but I know the process doesn’t work that way. Of course, it would be nice before free agency. If Justin and I were to do something, I’d want to do the right thing by him, and I know living in that gray area, we’d want to do something as soon as possible.

“But as I mentioned with contracts, it takes two teams to figure it out. But we’re also trying to figure out the draft process. There’s a lot of different things happening on different timelines, and that’s what makes it a little bit difficult.”

Poles has mentioned several times that they want to “do right by Justin” if the Bears decide to draft a quarterback. He said he has been in contact with Fields’ representatives as the Bears chart their course.

“We let them know what we’re looking at, how things might develop,” Poles said. “And we will continue to communicate as we move forward. I understand again How uncomfortable is this for him?But as I told him and he understands, it’s all part of the job. “This is a unique situation.”

Poles has heard that Fields has received votes of support from his teammates over the past few months, and he recognizes that such a trade might not be immediately popular. But Poles need to look beyond this initial reaction when making decisions. Which route to take as a quarterback?.

“He is a leader,” the Poles said. “Everything our guys said is true and I’m not surprised by what our guys said. I feel the same way. Sometimes I think this whole thing has turned into Justin versus another person and I have to look at it a little differently.

“That’s why when we evaluate all the people who can come into that position, the person is very important. But it’s also my job to think long term, and most of our guys don’t see that. “It’s not their job to do that and they’re defending their guys, and I think that says a lot about our culture in that locker room.”


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