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Yılmaz Erdoğan Speaks for the First Time About His New TV Series ‘Pearl Grains’


Yilmaz ErdoganTv after 20 yearsPearl GrainsShe’s getting ready to return with her TV series. Master actor Erdoğan, guest of the fifth episode of journalist Sibel Arna’s youtube program “Be Comfortable Whatever You Are”, made a very controversial statement.

The Pearl Grains Series Is Not Like Anything I’ve Done

Yes, I’m going back to TV after 20 years. I wrote a realistic story. I tried to make it funny, I tried to make it funny. I focused on a deep family issue about the bonds between people. I’ve already delivered 5 episodes so far. Name: “Pearl Grains” It actually starts from a stanza: “People are on a stringed pearl rosary / How precious a pearl is / How thin is the thread” It will be tiring, but it will be 120 minutes. Let them forgive me over him now.

I will make a movie in which Cem, Ata will act, but first we have to tie everyone up.

I can make a movie in which Cem Yılmaz, Ata Demirer and I will act together. Why not, it’s possible when I find a suitable story for it. Writing characters that will satisfy all three of us is difficult, but not impossible. But first, it is necessary to gather with these friends and get a guarantee that “Look, I’m writing, then there is no chatter”. One needs to connect, after that it can be. But right now, I’ve been a TV broadcaster for at least two or three years. Maybe after that.

I’m Proud of Hasancan Kaya

I am proud of Hasancan. He is separated from us, but it is important for him to be successful. I even know Hasan Can’s family from the assignments we have given. For everyone registering their house and nevi. He had a humorous nature of his own, and he found a very suitable format for him. I am very happy with Hasan Can. We are meeting.

I Disturb Me Most

After 40 I have become a more relaxed man, but a narrator is always in an uneasy mood. That’s why I never felt completely comfortable. And still, it bothers me the most. I beat myself up a lot. I can’t sleep when I remember something I did 20 years ago. I have my pin code.

I’m Wearing Tracksuits and Going to the Match

In Köyceğiz, we established two teams competing in the U11 and U12 leagues. There are names such as Eser Yenenler, Caner Erkin and Şahin Irmak in the management of the Dreams Sports Club, but they are not doing anything actively as management at the moment, they are waiting for the children to grow up. At the moment, I am both the head of the team and the coach with Arda Hoca. I put on the Dreamy Sports Club sweatpants and go to the field. We are more sweatpants. We didn’t change into suits.

I No Longer Dream of Being the President of Beşiktaş

Every Beşiktaş fan wants to be the president of their team one day. I wanted it too when I was younger. Since I realized that football has a Politics, I don’t want it anymore. It’s not a war I’m going to fight. I have to dare not to rejoice.


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