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East Chicago man charged with rape


An East Chicago man spent decades behind bars after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman, threatening her with a sword and stabbing her through walls.

Randy Lee Martin, 40, was charged Tuesday with rape, a Level 1 Felony, confinement, a Level 3 Felony, intimidation, a Level 5 Felony, domestic battery with a deadly weapon, a Level 5 Felony, pointing a firearm, a Level 6 Felony. Felony and criminal mischief, misdemeanor.

He is being held without bail. A court date has not been set yet. A Level 1 crime carries a possible prison sentence of 20-40 years.

Gary Police noted that the incident occurred around February 6-7.

An eyewitness told officers that Martin stabbed a door with a sword during a domestic disturbance with the victim. Martin claimed nothing happened and the woman left.

The woman told police that Martin repeatedly made her perform sex acts on him “for hours” while he was under the influence of cocaine, according to the affidavit. Meanwhile, she held a sword behind her legs. He became upset when he ran out of drugs and could not reach his dealer.

She told officers that Martin had been keeping her up all night recently and pouring bleach all over the house to “kill people” who she thought would come in. He punched holes in walls, mattresses and furniture “thinking there were people on the other side,” according to testimony.

On February 7, he pointed his sword at his leg but did not break the skin. When he stabbed the television, he tried to leave. He stabbed the wall next to her and said he was going to “break” her.

Holding the sword, he blocked his way. The woman felt like she was a “hostage.”

In another incident, Martin pointed a shotgun at him in January, the day before he was arrested in an unrelated case. He loaded it in front of her regularly.

Police returned to the home on February 9 as Martin caused more damage.

They found a stabbed and burned bed in the living room. In all, the television was stabbed, the house was “completely a mess” and they found a sword with blood near its handle. They saw knife marks on the bedroom wall. They found four shell casings and a shotgun box.



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